The man who started a BBQ in the living room because he wanted a sausage

In 2013, a man who had been on a drinking binge nearly burned down his sister's home after lighting a barbecue in the front room to fry some sausages.

Dariusz Garbacki (picture) started the fire in a disposable barbecue and poured lighter fluid on it to get it going.

To help fuel the fire he ripped three internal doors off their hinges and tore up floorboards at the house in Pennfields, Wolverhampton.

The 28-year-old also disabled a smoke alarm system so that neighbors would not be alerted to what he was doing.

He then fled the house after realizing the damage he had caused but was arrested nearby by West Midlands police.

He was jailed for three years on Friday after pleading guilty to arson.

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