Strange uses for peanut butter besides eating it

Getting Rid of That Fishy Smell. Can’t get rid of that funky fish smell? After you’ve fried fish, put a dollop of peanut butter in the pan — it’ll absorb that lingering odor right up.

Cleaning Vinyl & Leather. Work the peanut butter in a circular motion on your leather/vinyl furniture and wipe away with a buffing cloth. As you may have guessed, this method will make your leather/vinyl smell like peanut butter. Mix it with a little perfumed oil to mask the smell.

Fixing Scratched DVDs & CDs. Work a little peanut butter onto a scratched disk and wipe away with a dry cloth.

Removing Gum From Hair. Rub peanut butter on the gum, work through with your fingers and wipe remnants away with a cloth.

Removing Gum From Carpeting. Similar to removing gum from hair, remove as much of the gum as you can, then rub it with peanut butter.

Removing Stickers. Rub with peanut butter and wipe away.

Removing Glue From Your Hands. If you’re a little sloppy with the super glue and can’t stand that feeling of sticky glue on your hands, simply rub peanut butter on your hands and wipe away with a towel. 

Shaving. If you’re ever desperate to shave but ran out of any other appropriate gels or creams, reach for the peanut butter. The oils in peanut butter are really good for the skin.

Giving Medicine to Pets & Young Children. Fussy pets and picky kids don’t always like to take their medicine — but both sure do love peanut butter. Coat their meds in peanut butter and they’re gobble them right up. In case you’re wondering, dogs and cats are not allergic to the stuff, it’s actually quite good for them.