Walter Diemer was the first person to invent bubble gum

Walter Diemer was the first person to invent bubble gum even though he was an accountant by trade. 

He played around with gum recipes in his spare time. 

After discovering the candy, he sold it to mom and pop shops around the country and they sold out in a day. 

However, he didn’t patent the invention, and copycats popped up all over the place, resulting in intense competition. 

He never received royalties for the invention.


Casu Marzu: World's Most Dangerous Cheese

The name of this Sardinian speciality literally translates to “rotten cheese.” And if that’s not enough to scare you away, how about a few thousand wriggling maggots?

That’s right. Casu Marzu, otherwise known as walking cheese, is an Italian sheep’s milk variety with a little something extra. You could say it’s alive. Very alive.

Casu Marzu begins as Pecorino Sardo (Fiore Sardo), a cheese that’s typically soaked in brine, smoked, and left to ripen in the cheese cellars of central Sardinia. But to produce Casu Marzu, cheese makers set the Pecorino Sardo outside in the open – uncovered – and allow cheese flies (scientifically named Piophila casei) to lay eggs inside of it.

As the eggs hatch into a myriad of white transparent maggots, they feed on the cheese. By doing so, they produce enzymes that promote fermentation and cause fats within the Casu Marzu to decompose.

Sometimes, cuts are made into the rind of Pecorino Sardo and already-hatched maggots are introduced into the cheese. This speeds the whole cheese making process along.

Casu Marzu has been declared illegal and not in compliance with EU hygienic standards. It is banned by Italian health laws and not sold in shops. In addition to numerous anecdotal reports of allergic reaction (including burning, crawling skin sensations that last for days), there is increasing concern of risk for enteric myiasis, or intestinal larval infection.

Once ingested, it’s possible for the Piophila casei larvae to pass through the human stomach without dying (sometimes stomach acids aren’t enough to kill them). In that case, the maggots may take up residency in the intestines for some time. They can cause serious lesions and bore through intestinal walls, resulting in abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea.


Edwin E. Robinson

The odds of getting hit by lightning is 1 in 12,000. But for blind and deaf 62-year-old Edwin E. Robinson, those odds rose to 100 percent.

Robinson wandering around outside in the field near his house (apparently looking for his chicken), swinging around his aluminum cane, and then taking shelter under the only tree when it began to rain was evidently too tempting for the lightning, which struck him to the ground. 

For 20 minutes, he lay unconscious, before waking up and stumbling back to his house, going to bed for a very well-deserved nap. 

But when he woke up in the evening, he discovered he could see and hear once again.

He was later examined by his doctor, who confirmed he had regained both his sight and his hearing, and probably survived the blast due to the rubber-soled shoes he had been wearing.


Chowpatty Beach, India

Located in the heart of Mumbai, Chowpatty Beach is one of India’s most famous beaches. 

Unfortunately, it is also one of the deadliest beaches in India and the most crowded and polluted in the world too. 

Considering the enormous amount of garbage left on the beach by visitors, the chances of catching something really bad are very high here.


Al Capone’s Mistake

Al Capone was the king of crime in Chicago during the Roaring Twenties. He ruled a criminal empire during Prohibition by controlling gambling, bootlegging, prostitution, and most other crime in Chicago.

The FBI knew of his criminal activities. But they couldn’t take any action against Capone because none of his crimes were federal offenses. They had to sit by and watch local law enforcement fail to take him down, a wait that became even more infuriating after the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Finally, in 1929, Capone slipped up. When he was subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury as a witness in February, Capone claimed that he was sick at home and unable to make it. However, FBI agents quickly found him in Miami, out and about and as healthy as ever.

Capone was cited for contempt of court and sent to jail. However, they were unable to hold him and he was released on bond. But that was the beginning of the end.

When Capone was finally tried for the contempt of court citation, a federal judge sentenced him to six months in prison. 

This gave federal Treasury agents enough time to gather evidence that Capone had failed to pay his income taxes. In the end, the murdering, devious crime boss had forgotten to keep an eye on his real enemy: the IRS.


Salem Witch Trials

The most notorious American case of mass hysteria, the Salem witch trials were a brutal display of how far people will go because of fear and panic. 

In 1691, eight girls displayed bizarre behavior from bizarre speech, convulsive movements, and strange conduct. 

The girls accused two elderly women of witchcraft and before long, more women were arrested for being witches. 

Twenty residents lost their lives due to the moral panic.


President's Oval Office

Although the Oval Office is the President’s work room, for the first hundred years of White House history, there was no designated office area.

In 1902, Theodore Roosevelt got tired of the White House being so cramped and ordered the West Wing to be built.

There still wasn’t an Oval Office though. 

His command center is now called the Roosevelt Room, and unlike the Oval Office, it was square.


Knock-Knock Jokes

Jacie O’Brien was just four years old when her father lost his life during the 9/11 attacks. 
Not long after this tragedy, her mother Lisa found Jacie having a conversation, seemingly by herself, in an empty room in their family home. 
When she asked about it, Lisa was astonished to hear her daughter say that she had been “talking to Daddy” and that he was telling her knock-knock jokes.
To confirm what her daughter was saying, Lisa showed the little girl a picture of her dad and his co-workers (all of whom also lost their lives that day) and Jacie was able to recite their full names, despite never meeting several of them. 
Jacie also told her mother that she often saw her dad on the swings in the playground when she was out playing with her friends.


Mother’s Day

The roots of the modern Mother’s Day predate the Civil War. 

Ann Reeves Jarvis began “Mothers’ Day Work Clubs” to teach local women how to properly care for their children.

Jarvis, though she founded the American modern concept of Mother’s Day, remained unmarried and childless throughout her entire life.



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