Survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor are laid to rest with their fellow soldiers who were lost on the USS Arizona

A special portion of the World War II USS Arizona memorial in Hawaii lists names dating from 1982-2010 of all the survivors that made it safely off the ship during the attack on Pearl Harbor, several of whom went on to continue serving their country.

Gary Jackson, an interpretive park ranger at the WWII valor in the Pacific National monument, knows all about the history of the USS Arizona. Many of the men that did make it off the ship that fateful December day later requested to be put to rest with their fellow soldiers who died in the harbor. A special ceremony commemorates their past dedication to the country as they are laid to rest and allowed to spend all of eternity with their past ship mates.

The individuals are first cremated and their remains are placed in a watertight urn specifically design to be submerged and remain underwater. Family members, friends, and a full honor guard are then asked to board a navy ship and brought out to the USS Arizona for the ceremony. As taps plays in the background, special divers place the urn underwater in a spot where it won’t be disturbed. Jackson says he has so far attended two interment ceremonies and they are very moving events.  Video