Haunted Driskill Hotel

Austin, Texas - Room number 525 is rumored to be the most haunted in the building. This is supposedly the scene of two suicides that occurred twenty years apart to the day. 

Known as the “suicide brides”, both women committed suicide in the bathroom on their honeymoons, for reasons unknown. 

People claim to see apparitions in the room of a woman wearing a wedding dress, and to have problems with lights and faucets in the bathroom.

The most popular legend is that of four-year-old Samantha Houston, who was the daughter of a U.S. Senator. 

In 1887, the little girl chased a ball down the grand staircase when she tripped and fell to her death. As a tribute, the hotel owner commissioned a portrait of Samantha that still hangs on the wall of the fifth floor. 

The painting shows Samantha smiling sweetly as she holds a bunch of flowers and clutches a letter. Visitors claim to feel dizzy or nauseous when they look at the painting while some report feeling a strange sensation of being “lifted” off the ground. 

Others say Samantha tries to communicate through the painting, and that if you stare at her long enough, her expression changes.