The war hero "Black Hawk Down" is based on is now serving a sentence for rape

Black Hawk Down is one of the most famous war movies of all time, yet it is a little known fact that the man who inspired the book and subsequent movie is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence for rape and child molestation.

In the movie Ranger John Grimes is called into battle and heroically braves the terrors of Somalia, which is mostly true.

John “Stebby” Stebbins, the actual man, received one of the nations highest honors, the Silver Star, for his bravery, yet his ex-wife’s words speak for themselves in telling the truth that was later revealed. “They are going to make millions off this film in which my ex-husband is portrayed as an All-American hero when the truth is he is not."

On June eighth of 2000 Stebbins was court martialled and sentenced for “sodomy with a child under 12 and rape.”

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