The most dangerous book

"Shadows from the Walls of Death" sounds like a fantastic book of horror.

The book is the most dangerous book known of, and not for the words it contains. It doesn’t even contain any words after the title page and preface. The 86 page book simply contains samples of wallpaper. The wallpaper samples are infused with a deadly amount of arsenic!

There are only two copies of the book in the U.S. They are located at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. At Michigan State University, they don’t kid around either. The book is held in their library’s Special Collection division.

The book is sealed in a protective container and each individual page is encapsulated. Anyone who wishes to view the book has to wear special blue, plastic, protective gloves.

Arsenic pigmented wallpaper was widely used in some states in the 19th century.

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