Margarita Dermatitis? Man gets second-degree burns from lime juice, sun

A rare and painful skin reaction has left one man with second-degree burns a week before his wedding. To blame: lime juice.

The technical name for the skin reaction is Phytophoto dermatitis. It's a toxic reaction resulting from citric acid mixed with sunlight. It's often referred to as "Margarita Dermatitis" or "Lime Disease," not be confused with Lyme Disease.

It's more common in Florida, especially around summer holidays like Memorial Day Weekend, when lime juice is used for mixed drinks. That's what happened to soon-to-be newlyweds Alyse Golden and Aaron Peers.

Peers was squeezing limes to make margaritas in their backyard. He had no idea the lime juice on his hands was toxic under the sun. The next night the burns started to appear.

It wasn't until May 26 when he woke up to a huge blister on his hand. They rushed to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with second-degree burns, but the cause was still baffling to doctors.

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