The Curse of Sadako's Phone Number

The movie, "The Ring", tells the creepy story of a woman named Sadako who gives a curse to anyone who have seen her video. Watching her video will bring you to your own death, you will get the confirmation that you have the curse through Sadako as well. In the film, Sadako calls anyone who have seen the video right after they stopped watching the tape.

The phone number from hell also known as Sadako's Phone Number - 090-4444-4444 - The number will probably only work in Japan, but you can try calling it by using Japanese country code +81

The number was said to be really haunted as it can really scare anyone who have contacted it. 

People who have experienced calling her number said that when you dial it, you are going to be able to hear a creepy sound from a woman. It is described to be strange, hair-crawling and eerie noise that you cannot stand and you will hang up because of it. 

Calling the number is not only a game that you can abandon; according to the legend, the person who dared to call this number will have the curse and meet some kind of accident within 7 days.

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