6 Stars Who Say They've Encountered Aliens

Mick Jagger: The rocker actually had a UFO detector installed in his home, and claimed to have once viewed a "luminous, cigar-shaped mothership."

John Lennon: The Beatle said an unknown force once jolted him awake; he looked outside to see a bright light, went out, and saw four insect-like creatures with "big bug eyes and little bug mouths" who gave him a gold, egg-shaped object.

Elvis Presley: He claimed to have been contacted telepathically by aliens when he was eight years old, and they predicted his later success as a singer. Presley's hairstylist says they were together later for two other alien encounters.

Russell Crowe: In 2013, the actor tweeted a picture of what he claimed were UFOs.
Nick Jonas: The Jonas brother says he saw three spaceships when he was a teenager, did some research, and became a believer in extraterrestrial life.

Dan Aykroyd: Asked recently if he believes in UFOs, he revealed he's seen four, and that "the Air Force has been very interested in this. They don’t deny the existence of the hyper dynamic super aerodynamic craft. They don’t deny."

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