Reusing, freezing, or heating plastic water bottles will cause them to break down into cancer-causing compounds

Water, soda, and juice are typically sold in bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET or PETE. 

These containers are intended to be disposable, single-use bottles, although many consumers wash them and re-use them to hold drinking water or other beverages. 

Some of the example items reproduced above claim that freezing or re-using PET bottles releases unsafe levels of carcinogens such as "dioxins" or the plastics additive DEHA (diethylhydroxylamine) into whatever liquids they may contain. 

However, such claims are inaccurate on two counts: DEHA is not used in the manufacture of PET bottles (nor is it created through the breakdown of such bottles), and DEHA is not classified as a human carcinogen:

FALSE: Reusing single-use PET bottles causes them to release carcinogenic DEHA into the fluids they contain.

FALSE: Freezing plastic water bottles causes them to release carcinogenic dioxins into the fluids they contain.

UNDETERMINED: Heating up some types of plastic bottles could increase the leaching of harmful chemicals into the fluids they contain.

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