Car Curse

  • In 1955, Hollywood heartthrob James Dean was killed in a horrific car accident while driving around in his Porsche. 
  • The car was later considered a bad luck omen.
  • When the car was towed from the accident scene and taken to a garage, the engine slipped out and onto a mechanic, shattering both his legs.
    The engine was eventually bought by a wealthy doctor, who used it to soup-up his racing car. 
    He died shortly after during a race. 
    Another driver died in the very same race and his car had James Dean’s drive shaft fitted in it. 
    The garage where Dean’s Porsche was repaired was later destroyed by fire. 
    The car was then displayed in Sacramento, but somehow fell off its mount, breaking a teenager’s hip. 
    In Oregon, the trailer the Porsche was mounted on slipped from its tow bar, smashing into a shopfront. 
    Finally, in 1959, the car mysteriously broke into 11 pieces while sitting on steel supports.