Movie Star Clark Gable In WWII

As the war in Europe raged during WWII, the United States sent over thousands of bombers overseas to aid in defeating the Nazi war machine. Liberators, Flying Fortresses, Mitchells and other bombers and their crews participated in the effort but were met with stiff resistance from the Luftwaffe. 

For this reason,before deployment crews were sent to Flexible Gunnery Schools where aircrews were taught how to shoot from different positions of the planes.

In the video you’ll actually see Clark Gable training to be a gunner. 

For those of you who don’t know who he is, he was an American actor who was often referred to as ‘The King Of Hollywood.’Some of his movies included, The Misfits, It Happened One Night, Gone With The Wind, Teachers Petamong countless others. 

A movie star at the core, he decided to join the war effort in 1942 and do his part despite opposition from all his movie reps. The following year he was sent to England and flew five missions with the 351st Group.  Video


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