How much air is really in your bag of chips?

While we know that a little bit of air which is really nitrogen gas, used to prevent the chips from oxidizing and going stale, is needed to protect the food. But sometimes customers look at the portion and feel duped.

So how much air is really hiding in that package of chips?

Brooklyn-based photographer and food artist Henry Hargreaves used a bit science and math to determine the true snack-to-air ratio of some popular snack foods.

In his new project “Waste of Space,” Hargreaves first dunks an unopned snack bag into a large beaker of water to calculate a package’s total volume. Then he finds the mass of the chips and subtracts to find how much air is really hiding in our snacks.

There’s bad news for Doritos lovers. The bag Hargreaves measured was 86 percent air and just 14 percent chips.  Source

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