Was it bank robber John Dillinger who was gunned down upon leaving a movie theater in Chicago?

Before the corpse was cold, doubts began to register.

First off, John Dillinger’s father was brought in, and he flat out denied the corpse was his son.

Additionally, the pathologist’s official report merely added fuel to the fire. He noted that, while the face looked very much like Dillinger’s, the corpse’s eyes were brown (Dillinger’s were blue), the corpse had a life-long rheumatic heart condition (Dillinger never would have been able to join the Navy with such a condition), known scars on Dillinger’s body were not found on the corpse, and the body was shorter and fatter than Dillinger’s known measurements.

One gangster stated much later that Dillinger had gotten married and moved to Oregon, where he lived out his life under an assumed name. A crime researcher investigating Dillinger’s life proposed that Dillinger spent the rest of his life working as a machinist in California.

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