Man Rescued By A Boy His Wife Had Saved Nine Years Earlier

When Roger Lausier was four years old, he wandered away from his mother during a trip to the beach in 1965. 

He made his way alone into the water and tried to swim, but an undercurrent pulled him down. He would have died, but a stranger named Alice Blaise dove into the water and pulled him to shore, where she revived him and saved his life.
Nine years later, 13-year-old Roger was out on the same beach when he heard a woman scream, “My husband is drowning!” 
Roger didn’t realize this was a woman he’d met before, but he rushed into action anyway. 
He jumped onto an inflatable raft, paddled out to the man, and pulled him on, saving his life.
Nobody there realized the strange, coincidence that had just happened until the news reported on it the next day.
It wasn’t until then that Alice Blaise realized that the young man who had saved her husband’s life was the four-year-old boy whose life she’d once saved.