The Bobby Kennedy Assassination

While nearly everyone can name the place (The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles) and perpetrator of the assassination (Sirhan Sirhan), few people recall the man who captured and disarmed the gunman. 

That man was Rosie Grier, an American Football sensation (Super Bowl Champion, 2 time pro-bowler, member of the Ram’s “Fearsome Foursome,” and 5 time All Pro defensive tackle.) 

On the night of the assassination, Grier was the bodyguard for Kennedy’s pregnant wife. 

Along with Rafer Johnson, an Olympic gold medal decathlete, Grier heard the shots and tackled Sirhan. 

Grier, then jammed his finger behind the trigger of the gun and broke Sirhan’s arm. 

Grier then fought off those that were literally ready to rip Sirhan apart. 

Later Grier, would explain that, “I would not allow more violence.”