Witch doctors still practice in many African countries, and they actually make a very good living. 

In 2001, a group of roughly 15 men in a village called Lambu in Ghana went to a local witch doctor. 

They wanted to become invincible against their enemies living in rival villages, so they asked for a spell that was supposed to make them bulletproof. 

The witch doctor instructed the men to cover their entire body with an herbal mixture every day for two weeks, which would make their skin impenetrable to bullets.
In order to see if the spell actually worked, one of the men, Aleobiga Aberima, volunteered to be the test subject. 
One of his friends shot him, and Aleobiga died. 
The villagers were outraged that the spell didn’t actually work. 
They began to beat the witch doctor nearly to death, and the village elder had to break up the brawl.