Galveston residents considered the island and their homes entirely safe because of crime family

Galveston, Texas - Rosario Maceo (Sr.), also known as Papa Rose or Rose Maceo, was a Sicilian immigrant and organized crime boss in Galveston, Texas.

Because of his efforts and those of his brother Sam, Galveston Island became a nationally known resort town during the early and mid 20th century, during a period known as Galveston's Wide-Open Era. 

They owned various restaurant and casino venues including the now-vanished Hollywood Dinner Club and the Balinese Room (picture). 

He became an Al Capone-like figure in the city. Sometimes known as the "Iron Glove," Maceo was the enforcer and head of operations for the business empire he and his brother formed.

The Maceos became wealthy as their businesses expanded and the island prospered. Their syndicate owned dozens of casinos and restaurants both on the island and throughout Galveston County. 

To compensate for the often inept and corrupt police force and judicial system on the island, Rose led a group of vigilantes known as the "Night Riders" to keep order on the island.