Several websites reported: Ariana Grande joined ISIS after declaring that she hated America

“Just days after learning of her hatred for America, federal investigators have revealed that pop singer Ariana Grande was recruited by ISIS, radicalized by spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani’s Ramadan message, according to intelligence sources.

In a recent audio message, al-Adnani encouraged jihadists to make Ramadan a “calamity for the infidels.” Inspired by this directive, Grande infiltrated a local donut shop disguised as a customer and began maliciously licking pastries left out on display. 

Her wanton act of terrorism complete, she admitted her allegiance to ISIS by declaring, “I hate Americans! I hate America!”

During questioning by federal authorities Grande admitted she was always a “dark and deranged” child who would eventually travel a savage and violent path.

“There was a stage, when I was three or four, where my mom thought I might grow up to be a serial killer,” said Grande of her disturbing childhood.

Although it’s true that Ariana Grande licked a donut before proclaiming “I hate America,” that performance was not a terrorist act, nor has the young star joined the forces of ISIS.

The Duffel Blog‘s material is satire, not news. The web site has recently published fictional spoof about the Elf on the Shelf toy being a secret NSA program, and the Applebee’s restaurant chain going bankrupt after offering free liquor.  More

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