Los Angeles Watts Riots

Los Angeles Watts Riots (1965) or Watts Rebellion. 

Six days of rioting in the Watts section of Los Angeles, California has left behind scenes reminiscent of war-torn cities. More than a hundred square blocks were decimated by fire and looting. 

Few building were left intact. Night scenes of burning buildings caused by the "LA riots". Video shows Los Angeles police with arrested suspect. Shows U.S. National Guard Troops with weapons patrolling the streets of Watts, a section of Los Angeles that is home to mostly African-Americans and blacks of other nationalities.

Driving view of the burned-out and looted stores and buildings. Shows deserted street in Watts, Soldier with automatic weapon on patrol, view of approaching Black & White Police car. Damage by fire alone is estimated at 200 million. 

No attempt has yet been made to arrive at the losses suffered at the hands of looters who stole everything from liquor to babies' play pens. Approximately 3,600 arrests were made.  Watch video

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