Fishing trawler, the Andrea Gail's captian: “She’s comin’ on boys, and she’s comin’ on strong.”

The fishing trawler, the Andrea Gail was built in Florida in 1978 and was eventually bought by a company in Massachusetts.

Holding a crew of six, she was in commission for 13 years before vanishing on a trip to Newfoundland. The Coast Guard launched a search, but could only find her emergency beacon and a few pieces of debris. After a week of searching, the Andrea Gailand her crew were declared lost.

It’s now believed that the Andrea Gail was doomed when a high-pressure system slammed into a low-pressure system, which then merged with the remains of Hurricane Grace.

This rare combination of three separate weather systems would eventually become known as “the Perfect Storm.” An unnamed hurricane actually formed inside the storm, and it’s believed that the Andrea Gail would have faced waves of over 100 ft.

Her captain’s last radio transmission simply noted: “She’s comin’ on boys, and she’s comin’ on strong.”

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