Auburn students greased railroad tracks so the Georgia football team couldn't stop at their station

In the middle of the night, the Auburn ROTC cadets carefully snuck out of their dorm rooms and made their way down to the railroad tracks in their small town. They greased up the skids of the railway track, and then headed back to bed. So, why did these cadets grease the tracks?

As it turns out, there was a football game taking place the next day between Auburn and Georgia Tech, and the Georgia football team was scheduled to arrive at the train station near the Auburn dorm rooms the morning of the game. Since the tracks were greased, the train was unable to stop until it was five miles away from the Auburn football field.

The Georgia Tech team had to walk five miles in order to get to the football field. This trek took quite the toll on the Georgia team, because they lost the game, 45-0. 

Today, Auburn students still parade through the streets as a celebration and a reminder of the day they played a little joke on the Georgia Tech football team.

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