South Korea’s busiest plastic surgeon does over 100 operations every day

Plastic surgeons in South Korea say that the mark of beauty is not the standard Asian face, but more the Caucasian face. Women are lining up to get eyelid surgery where they cut a slit in the eyelid to make the eye wider and less of a slant custom to some Asian looks.

They are also getting nose reshaping and facial contouring to mimic Caucasian faces. The women are trying to look more western. 

Sadly, girls as young as 11 and 12 years old are getting the surgeries. They have low self-esteem and their parents are willing to give them plastic surgery to try to boost their confidence.

The largest plastic surgery center is in Seoul, South Korea and is 12 stories tall. It isn’t uncommon for the building to have every operation room occupied for surgery.

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