Actor Jackie Chan had to carry guns and grenades to protect himself

Jackie Chan is perhaps the most well known Chinese actor outside of China, and while he is extremely famous in America, he is also infamous throughout Asia. Chan earned the nickname Big Brother because he always seems to be involved in other peoples’ business.

This attitude involved him in a fight with the Triads; the largest organized crime syndicate in China. The Triads caused a lot of trouble for Chinese artists and he decided to take action.

Triads, were known to have a heavy influence on Chinese entertainment in the 1980’s and 1990’s. To combat them, Chan started the Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild to form a united front against corruption, and gained many enemies.

His life was threatened numerous times and he was even forced to carry multiple guns and sometimes even grenades. Eventually the Triads lost most of their control on the entertainment industry in China, and Jackie Chan was a significant influence.

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