Abraham Lincoln’s voice was shrill and high

We tend to think of Lincoln as having this great baritone voice that carried into the crowds as he gave monumental speeches. We can’t be certain of how his voice sounded, because Thomas Edison’s phonograph was invented 12 years after Lincoln died. So, how can we know? Well, a man by the name of Holzer has written 40 books about Lincoln and the Civil War.

He has spent countless hours poring over information circulating about all his appearances and speeches to the public. He states that it is certain that Lincoln was a tenor.

It’s said that for the first ten minutes of his speech, people were shocked at his voice and accent, but soon his strong ideas and views overtook them and they could overcome his high voice and twangy accent. Just because he was a country boy with a high voice, did not mean he wasn’t intelligent and very well spoken.

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