American Con Artist

Steven Jay Russell (born September 14, 1957) is an American con artist known for escaping from prison multiple times

On March 20, 1998, Russell posed as a millionaire from Virginia in an attempt to legitimize a $75,000 loan from NationsBank in Dallas. When bank officials became suspicious they alerted the police, 

Russell feigned a heart attack and was transported to a hospital. 

Russell was placed on security watch but he impersonated an FBI agent and called the hospital on his cell phone to tell them he could be released.

U.S. Marshals later tracked down Russell in Florida, where they arrested him on April 5, 1998, when he went to retrieve a fax. 
Russell was sentenced to a total of 144 years in prison (99 years for the escapes and 45 years for subsequent scams).
As of 2010, Russell is in in the Polunsky Unit[ on a 23-hour lockup, only having one free hour a day to shower and exercise. 
He was previously held in the Mark W. Michael Unit. His release date from prison is July 18, 2140.