Woman Killed By Brassiere

This happened in 2015. 

Christina Bond, aged 55, was carrying her handgun in a bra holster. 

There are a variety of options for women’s concealed carry that have become popular in recent years, including purse and bra holsters. 

This particular holster attaches to the front of the bra, concealing the gun between the breasts via a strap that attaches to the clamshell holster itself.
Bond was having trouble with her bra holster. 
As she was trying to adjust it to improve the fit, she somehow got the gun turned around toward her face as she was looking down at it. 
The gun discharged, shooting her in the eye. 
She was airlifted to Kalamazoo Hospital, where she died the following day. 
Experts believe that she must have either dislodged the gun from the clamshell or somehow got her finger near the trigger while adjusting in order for this event to have even been possible.